"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness"

2 Timothy 3:16


Sermon Sarah Makunde: “Come and see” John 1:40-end - Revelation 5:1-10 140124.mp3

Sermon - 14/01/24 "Come and See" John 1:40-end /Revelation 5:1-10 Sarah Makunde

Sermon Rev Paul: Glory of Jesus- John 2:1-11.mp3

Sermon - 21/01/24 "Glory of Jesus" John 2:1-11 Rev Paul

Sermon - 25:1:24 what difference is heaven supposed to make in our lives now Matthew 19-26-end Rev Paul.mp3

Sermon - 25/01/24 "What difference is heaven supposed to make to our lives now?" Matthew 19:27-end  Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday Williams Ngene 28th January 2024-1.mp3

Sermon -28/1/24 "Waiting on the Lord" Luke 2:22-40 Williams Ngene

Sermon Sunday 4th February Rev Paul 2024 2Corinthians 9:6-15-1.mp3

Sermon -04/02/24 "How we see God" (Christian Giving) 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 Rev Paul

Sermon Thursday 8th February 2024 Matthew 15:21-28.mp3

Sermon -08/02/24 "Who let the dogs in?" Matthew 15:21-28 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday 11th February Rev Paul 2024 Transfiguration Mark 9:2-9-1.mp3

Sermon -11/02/24 "Transfiguration" Mark 9:2-9 Rev Paul

Sermon Ash Wednesday Genesis 3:1-19 & John 10:1-18 14-2-24 Rev Paul.mp3

Sermon -14/02/24 Ash Wednesday Genesis 3:1-19 & John 10:1-18 Rev Paul

Sermon Thursday Luke 9:22-25 & Psalm 19 15-2-24 Rev Paul 2.mp3

Sermon -15/02/24 Thursday Luke 9:22-25 & Psalm 19 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday 11-2-24 Lent 1 Mark 1:9-15 Sarah Makunde.mp3

Sermon -11/2/24 Sunday Mark 1:9-15 First Sunday in Lent Sarah Makunde

Sermon Thursday “Godly habits” psalm 1 and Matthew 7:7-12 220224.mp3

Sermon -22/2/24 Thursday  "Godly habits" Matthew 7:7-12 & Psalm 1 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday “The power of the Cross” Mark 8:31-end 250224.mp3

Sermon -25/2/24 Sunday 2nd in Lent "The power of the Cross" Mark 8:31-end Rev Paul

Sermon Thursday 29-2-24 “The rich man and Lazarus” Luke 16:19-31.mp3

Sermon -29/2/24 Thursday "The Rich man and Lazarus" Luke 16:19-31 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday 3-3-24 “Jesus cleanses the Temple” John 2:13-22.mp3

Sermon -03/03/24 Sunday 3rd In Lent "Jesus cleanses the Temple" John 2:13-22 Rev Paul

Sermon Thursday “The quest for glory” John 5:30-47.mp3

Sermon -14/03/24 Thursday "The quest for glory" John 5:30-47 Rev Paul

Sermon Palm Sunday 2024 John 12:12-16 Williams Ngene.mp3

Sermon -24/03/24 Palm Sunday  John 12:12-16 Williams Ngene 

Sermon Maundy Thursday 2024 John 13:1-17 & 31-35.mp3

Sermon -28/03/24 Maundy Thursday  John 13:1-17 & 31-35 Rev Paul

Sermon Easter Day 2024 “Living Risen” John 20:1-18 Rev Paul.mp3

Sermon -31/03/24 Easter Day "Living Risen" John 20:1-18 Rev Paul

Sermon Thursday ‘Emmaus prophecy’ Luke 24 040424 Rev Paul.mp3

Sermon -04/04/24 Thursday "Emmaus prophecy" Luke 24:13-35 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday “Recognising Jesus” Luke 24:13-35 070424 Rev Paul.mp3

Sermon -07/04/24 Sunday "Recognising Jesus" Luke 24:13-35 Rev Paul

Sermon Thursday 180424 John 6 “Life” Rev Paul.mp3

Sermon -18/04/24 Thursday "Life" John 6 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday I AM The Good Shepherd John 10-11-18.mp3

Sermon -21/04/24 Sunday "I AM The Good Shepherd" John 10:11-18 Sarah Makunde

Sermon Thursday 250424 “God will keep you” Mark 13:5-13.mp3

Sermon -25/04/24 Thursday "God will keep you" Mark 13:5-13 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday “The Goodness of God” John 15:1-8 Rev Paul.mp3

Sermon -28/04/24 Sunday "The Goodness of God" John 15:1-8 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday “The Invitation” Isaiah 55:1-7 050524.mp3

Sermon -05/05/24 Sunday "The Invitation" Isaiah 55:1-7 Rev Paul

Sermon Ascension Day “The significance of Christ’s Ascension” Luke 24:44-end 090524.mp3

Sermon -09/05/24 Ascension Day "The significance of Christ's Ascension" Luke 24:44-end Rev Paul

Sermon Pentecost Sunday “The significance of Pentecost” Acts 2:1-21 190524.mp3

Sermon -19/05/24 Ascension Day "The significance of Pentecost" Acts 2:1-21 Rev Paul

Sermon Thursday “stumbling blocks” Mark 9:38-50 230524.mp3

Sermon -23/05/24 Thursday "Stumbling Blocks" Mark 9:38-50 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday “born again” John 3:1-17 Williams Ngene 230524.mp3

Sermon -26/05/24 Sunday "Born again" John 3:1-17 Williams Ngene

Sermon Sunday “seeing” Mark 10:35-52 020624.mp3

Sermon -02/06/24 Sunday "Seeing" Mark 10:35-52 Rev Paul

Sermon Thursday “loving God loving others” Mark 12:28-34 060624-1.mp3

Sermon -06/06/24 Thursday "Loving God loving others" Mark 12:28-34 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday “unforgivable sin?” Mark 3:20-30 090624.mp3

Sermon -09/06/24 Sunday " Hope when you think you're too far gone" Mark 3:20-30 Rev Paul

Sermon Thursday “God’s forgiveness and ours” Matthew 5:20-26 130624.mp3

Sermon -13/06/24 Thursday "God's forgiveness and ours" Matthew 5:20-26 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday “The Kingdom of God” Mark 4:26-34 160624 Williams Ngene.mp3

Sermon -16/06/24 Sunday "The Kingdom of God" Mark 4:26-34 Williams Ngene

Sermon Thursday “Thy Kingdom Come” Matthew 6:9-15 Rev Paul 200624.mp3

Sermon -20/06/24 Thursday "Thy Kingdom Come" Matthew 6:9-15 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday “Who’s in your corner?” John 6:16-21 230624 Rev Paul.mp3

Sermon -23/06/24 Sunday "Who's in your corner?" John 6:16-21 Rev Paul

Sermon Thursday “Does Jesus know me?” Matthew 7: 21-29 Rev Paul 270624.mp3

Sermon -27/06/24 Thursday "Does Jesus know me?" Matthew 7:21-29 Rev Paul

Sermon Sunday “who touched me?” -Faith Mark 5:21-end Rev Paul 300624.mp3

Sermon -30/06/24 Sunday "Who touched me? - Faith" Mark 5:21-end Rev Paul