Occasions at St Andrew's


Baptisms (Christening)

One of the ways God wants us to be sure of his love for us is through the act of baptism. In baptism, babies, children or adults are sprinkled or submerged in water as a sign of being ‘born again’ into God’s family. Our pasts are symbolically washed away and we begin a new life. We’re all born once into our earthly families, and baptism is a sign of being born again into the eternal family of Jesus. It is a great cause of celebration and an important step in a person’s life. 

If you are interested in being baptised or having a child baptised, please get in touch with the vicar via the enquiries email on the contact page, or come along to a service on Sunday.


As Christians we believe marriage is more than just a legal contract. In marriage God is making two people one; one in love and unity of life. Therefore, getting married in church amongst God’s people sets the perfect context to celebrate the gift of human love in marriage. St Andrew’s church is a large and beautiful building with plenty of facilities to conduct the perfect wedding. Being the Church of England, we are legally able to marry people in our church, and as Christians, we also seek to give you all the support and encouragement you need, not only for your big day, but also for your lifelong marriage together. 

Please get in touch with our vicar via the enquiries email on the contact page, if you are exploring getting married at our church.


If you are reading this page because you have just lost someone you love, may God uphold and carry you.

It would be a privilege to be involved in that person’s funeral; whether you want a funeral in St Andrew’s or a funeral elsewhere taken by Rev. Paul Gambling, our Vicar, or another of our licensed and experienced ministry team.

There are lots of advantages of a funeral service in church; the extra time it gives, the atmosphere, the size (big enough to seat hundreds, but perfectly fine for just a few). There will be many factors involved in deciding the best location.

When planning a funeral, it is usually best if it is taken by the Minister of the Parish where the person lived. Funeral directors will guide you to the right person.

If you would like St Andrew’s or Rev. Paul, to be involved, tell your chosen funeral director that’s what you want and they will contact us. We work regularly with all the local firms.