St Andrew's Church Open House

Open House

‘Open House’ is a place of welcome to everyone, without discrimination. Open House is not so much a place for those with mental health challenges. It is a place open to ALL, where those with mental health challenges can be a part of a regular coffee shop/community/club environment. We believe this to be a vital and necessary part of being a community together.

People come to sit and relax, there are many arts and crafts available, together with board games and so on.

Open House is a place where the spiritual dimension of life is acknowledged as normal and where the Christian life is available to explore. Because of this understanding and the fact that we are a Christian Church, Open House offers Christian Prayer and fellowship, for those who want to experience it or ask for prayer.

All our group leaders are DBS checked inline with national Safeguarding policy for vulnerable adults and children.

Tuesday 10am to 1pm

A light lunch is served around 12 noon and refreshments are served throughout.

Listening & Prayer offered and available at 12:30.

Friendship and board-games available throughout.

£1.60 for tea/coffee and biscuits

an extra £1.10 for the light lunch of soup, sandwiches and crisps

Wednesday 10am to 12 noon

There is a particular focus on crafts and art and board-games, with refreshments served throughout.

Listening and prayer are offered.

Thursday 10am to 12 noon

A very well attended quiet service of Holy Communion, followed by refreshments, friendship, listening and prayer.